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Abbreviation: Aur
Genitive: Aurigae
Translation: The Charioteer

Position in the Sky
Right Ascension: 6 hours
Declination: 40 degrees
Visible between latitudes 90 and -40 degrees
Best seen in February (at 9:00 PM)
Named Stars

CAPELLA (Alpha Aur)
Menkalinan (Beta Aur)
Al Anz (Epsilon Aur)
Haedi (Zeta Aur)
Hoedus II (Eta Aur)
Hassaleh (Iota Aur)
Messier Objects

M36 (open cluster)
M37 (open cluster)
M38 (open cluster)
Auriga was protrayed as a charioteer who was seen carying two to three children on his arm. He was also known as Erechtheus, son of Hephaestus (Called Vulcan by the Romans). Hephaestus, who was crippled as a child, was believed to have invented the chariot for his who created it so that his son could move him about more easily.