Abbreviation: Cap
Genitive: Capricorni
Translation: The Sea Goat

Position in the Sky
Right Ascension: 21 hours
Declination: -20 degrees
Visible between latitudes 60 and -90 degrees
Best seen in September (at 9:00 PM)
Named Stars

Prima Giedi (Alpha 1 Cap)
Secunda Giedi (Alpha 2 Cap)
Dabih (Beta Cap)
Nashira (Gamma Cap)
Deneb Algedi (Delta Cap)
Alshat (Nu Cap)
Messier Objects

M30 (globular cluster)
This is one of the 13 constellations of the Zodiac.
Capricornus has been recognized as a goat since Babylonian and Chaldean times. Usually, it is depicted as a goat with a fish tail, which might relate to a story about the god Pan. Pan, fleeing a monster called Typhon, jumed into the river Nile. The part of him that was below water turned into a fish, while the rest of him above water, stayed as a goat.