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Summer of Mars


Abbreviation: Car
Genitive: Carinae
Translation: The Keel

Position in the Sky
Right Ascension: 9 hours
Declination: -60 degrees
Visible between latitudes 20 and -90 degrees
Best seen in March (at 9:00 PM)
Named Stars

CANOPUS (Alpha Car)
Miaplacidus (Beta Car)
Avior (Epsilon Car)
Turais (Iota Car)
Carina was originally part of the large constellation Argo Navis. When the International Astronomical Union officially defined the 88 constellations and their boundaries, they split Argo Navis into 4 parts: Carina (the keel), Vela (the sail), Puppis (the poop), and Pyxis (the compass).
Pam Eastlick has contributed a great description of Argo Navis and its associated constellations as seen from Guam.