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A mineral is to a rock as a tree is to a _____.  Can you fill in the blank?  Sure, "forest" is the answer!  As it turns out, minerals make up rocks.  Sometimes there are different proportions of minerals in a rock.  There may be only one main chemical component in a mineral, however.  A mineral is defined by its chemical composition and by the fact that it must be solid, naturally occurring, crystalline, and inorganic (not containing material that was once alive).  Minerals are found all around us.  Can you think of some examples of minerals?

Several kinds of minerals that we carry at SMART Centre Market are:

  • calcite (CaCO3) of various types  and colors 
  • amethyst (both small pieces and larger amethyst geode crystals)
  • quartz (SiO2) of different colors and types
  • tiger's eye
  • selenite
  • onyx
  • labradorite
  • hematite
  • sodalite
  • aquamarine
  • chryscolla
  • jade 
  • garnet
  • citrine
  • kyanite

and more!