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Science and nature related jewelry is one category at SMART Centre Market.  From the beautiful, unique, and interesting WildScape ( caddisfly jewelry to the hand crafted wooden bracelets made with local wood, we have several types of jewelry for the science and nature enthusiast. Jade earrings and stone chip necklaces are also in stock.  You can even purchase a necklace with West Virginia's state gemstone, Lithostrotionella (fossil coral), as the pendant. How about DNA earrings or necklaces?  A T. rex necklace will certainly be a conversation piece!  Locally made flint necklaces, shell  necklaces, and more are in stock.

SMART Centre Market is fortunate to have several pieces of Wall Art from local artists including Russ Shaffer and Sue Smith.  Each of these artists brings unique and beautiful pieces to our shop. Russ has used his embossed engraving technique to incorporate a variety of natural materials and transform them into one of a kind treasures.  Sue paints beautiful birds and butterflies, primarily in acrylic, and often on cabinet doors!  Ingenious!  

Smaller pieces of art are also available such as paintings on wooden coasters. 

Unique Gifts at SMART Centre Market are easy to find!!  We have fossil rock bookends,  apple pis, carved onyx chess sets, fossil vases and mortar and pestles, Devonian ware platters, Himalyan salt lamps, Darwin impact glass, Galileo thermometers, and more are available.