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The owners of SMART Centre Market have hand selected most of the books we carry. We vary in what is in stock, but there are currently identification guides for rocks, minerals, and fossils; children's science and nature related books; signed copies of several books; science activity books; and some math and special topic books such as biographies of Einstein.
Several Interactive Exhibits are housed within the SMART Centre Market facility. Several of these are provided through a partnership with West Virginia Northern Community College. We have a gravity well, probability machine, Becker Bottle (one in a million jar) and a Lissajous' figures exhibit--all that can be interacted with even if you don't buy anything at the store. We have a Plasma Globe to explore the material found in stars and Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto scales to find out what you would weigh on other worlds! We also have many of the toys that we sell at our play table including wooden toys from the Mountain Craft Shop in Proctor, WV. There are other toys that we will be glad to demonstrate for you in addition to the interactive exhibits. You can also get a tour of the many large scale replicas and interesting rock, mineral, and fossil specimens and even touch a fossil dinosaur egg!
Do you need a 250ml beaker? How about test tubes? We carry these items and more at SMART Centre Market. Science Equipment such as these items along with spring scales, flasks, pH paper, and tuning forks are some of the items you will find. If you have a specific need that we don't have in stock, we can likely order it for you.
Doing science activities is a lot of fun for kids and so we carry several small Science Kits to help children explore areas of interest. Small molecular model building kits and snap circuits sets by Elenco are also available. Building your own solar science powered motor, paper gliders, solar cell dolly, and D-cell powered motor help the engineer at heart to create and explore. Sets that grow crystals, some science equipment, and paper airplane building sets are also regular items.

Gyroscopes, prisms, slinkies, magnet wands, energy balls, and more are some of the science toys at SMART Centre Market. Hoberman spheres and switch pitches will make you go oooh and aaahh as the sphere expands and collapses and as you watch the ball spin and change from one color to the other. Rattlebacks and tornado tubes keep you spinning and wondering about all of the fascinating concepts in science. We love to demonstrate the various toys and all you have to do is ask! How does a gyroscope work? We can demonstrate that for you. We are an interactive science store and are pleased to allow you to question and explore. Some of the novelty items that are under science toy category include a variety of Giant Microbes, drinking birds, hand boilers, Newton's cradles, and 3D mirascopes. Game titles vary.