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Several Interactive Exhibits are housed within the SMART Centre Market facility. Several of these are provided through a partnership with West Virginia Northern Community College. We have a gravity well, probability machine, Becker Bottle (one in a million jar) and a Lissajous' figures exhibit--all that can be interacted with even if you don't buy anything at the store. We have a Plasma Globe to explore the material found in stars and Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto scales to find out what you would weigh on other worlds! We also have many of the toys that we sell at our play table including wooden toys from the Mountain Craft Shop in Proctor, WV. There are other toys that we will be glad to demonstrate for you in addition to the interactive exhibits. You can also get a tour of the many large scale replicas and interesting rock, mineral, and fossil specimens and even touch a fossil dinosaur egg!